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Customer Service Report

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Customer Service Report

Just because you guys got a monopoly on services doesnt mean you can treat your customers like crap. About the worst customer service i have encountered. It was in my name so i presented same and my e-mail address.

Two weeks have passed and the live wire is still hanging there. I own two homes both on auto pay for many years. We are people too the forgotten people.

In order for one to actually make aforementioned over-the-phone or online payment one is redirected to western union speed pay. We asked if he could answer a question about our account if we did not live in the bocadelray area and he chuckled and said he could. The bark on the one closest to the powerline is peeling off the tree and by all appearances it is dying or dead.

I let you know that i heard explosions with lights very dangerous these two times and my neighbor made video regarding this matter. Riverwalk (off okeechobee), all power underground much the same from here to sr7. I am thinking strongly about canceling my service and going somewhere else.

I have 3 kids and there is no way i can pay the paat due amount right now. Dean i am a singel persdon living in a one bedroom appt. Eeryome in the immediate vicinity had power back in less than a day to 2 days.

I kept getting transferred between departments, and was on hold repeatedly for how long this kept occurring for a couple of weeks before i finally spoke with a customer service rep that i thought gave me the correct information. This is a more honorable way to make a living than what you are currently doing. Fpl is dedicated to producing clean energy and supporting the environment. Over the phone it took all my information but would not process my credit card. This rigid attitude us unrealistic and rude.

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How to Contact Customer Service We would love for you to contact us if you have any questions: Phone 707.827.7019 or 800.889.8969. Monday – Friday, 7:30AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time

Customer Service Report
We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.
Customer Service Report On the website, customers can choose to start new service, I refuse to call because i dont wish to explain this to 5 different people and be shuffled around endlessly, i cannot pay the past due or any amount on my account until 112218. On the phone 45 mins an never could get it work. So my next step would be to contact jim robo, president & ceo of nextra energy, inc. I tried for an extension and wasnt granted one. I have been unemployed and just made a partial payment on my past due balance. Is that even legal ? I wish they would go out of business bunch of low lifes. I was told i had multiple accounts which i do not. I called back to see when they would be out to turn it back on. It is a shame that we are at their mercy for electric service i am researching the property veridian townhomes at 2420 central park drive, melbourne, florida 32935 in preparation of a phase i environmental site assessment. Horrible company and i would change in a heartbeat if i had a choice. There is no address listed for customers who want to send a letter to fpl customer service. You should have an accessible email address. Your customer service personal really are the lousiest people i have ever had to deal with.
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    I cant use my phone or internet. Then late in 2013 i was diagnosed with cancer and a financial crisis ensued. Service can usually get installed within 3-5 business days and if you have any issues with telephone or broadband service, we have 24 hour repair and technical support. I have dealt with in along time the ceo of this company should be fired. I just moved and i received a bill 081017 in the mail and it said past due.

    They will lie to you, charge late charge fees when your not late then when you call they have one option on there that will charge you for even calling and checking on your bill a bunch of rip offs im calling one more time and see what happens then see my lawyer. I am so sick of not talking with americans. Calling to get on a payment plan deals going to be a little bit late please give me my money back what is your fax number this is the first bill that doesnt have a fax number estoy intentando hablar con agente para dar de baja el servicio pero antes quisiera me aclarara algunas dudas por favor donde puedo llamar porque los teléfonos que llamo son automticos y no consigo hablar con un agente for months now i have been trying to sign up for auto pay? Every time it tells me to try again later. I have been going round and round thru the voice system and cannot get to speak to a human or to access the information i need. Wsas put on hold and the representative never returned to my phone call! I and my neighbors contacted customer service about trees into our lines.

    The 11 of us are tied to a trailer park for some unknown reason where you turn the power off when they evacuatedo not say you donot because your employess have stated oterwisethe ones in the trucks who turn it back onalways just before you declare victory meeting your deadline. We have all been warnedtold as consumers never to touch fpl equipment, period, for our own safety. We didnt receive an automated response, but instead had our question regarding initial service answered by a customer service representative, see below thank you for your interest in our service. Included was an agreement to show me this bill prior to making the wpayment. There is no email address so absolutely no way to contact anyone. I dont mind paying for service that i get and is there to use. I want this issue taken seriously and corrected quickly. Customer service representative supervisor erica rivera was very unsympathetic and had a i could less attitude about the possibility of all of my appliances frying. Why should potential business go to your competitors instead of you? There should never be a reason to settle (unless you really cant handle more business). I did not pay the extra chage my ser.

    We originally published this resource of 75 customer service facts, statistics and quotations in 2012. Since then, the customer service landscape has changed so dramatically that we were well due for an update.

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    Innovate. Be the first to leverage technology innovation and provide state-of-the-art customer experiences. Oracle CX solutions include ready-to-go innovations—including AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), chatbots, and data solutions—that help you to accelerate the adoption of new channels, devices, data sources, and intelligence capabilities.
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    No customer service, no follow up, no knowledge of their products. Fp&l will not acknowledge the email they sent to me on monday or the fact that it says service will be turned on by the 4th and any one i speak to has a robotic 1-3 day response. Tony of dakar senegal which amounted to an offer in human trafficing. It must be an amount from an account that is not yours. You should know that, as a small business owner, i have many responsibilities, and difficulties getting through and receiving service would add more difficulties.

    I am not to happy with your company. Fpl is a 15 billion monopoly there is no alternative. So thanks fpl for all the clean up. I have called customer service and was told no upgrade in service was scheduled at all for the year 2013 Buy now Customer Service Report

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    So all im asking is to restore my power asap. Call to fpl was responded by we are in storm mode call back next week, no report will be done at this time. Im switching all my services to my local cable company and save 70. You promised to correct the situation when you upgraded the local feedsbut you apparently did not you never provided updates from my original power outage report on sep 9nor have we seen any trucks in the vicinitystill no assement from you yet you know when you will throw the switch to get it back. The same vegetation that you mismanaged and neglected out of a customer to remove and remedy.

    My husband and i travel a lot and i go on line daily to make sure our ac is running, especially in the summer Customer Service Report Buy now

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    While the 07-08 crash was in its full swing, these bozos demanded a deposit of 350. Bottom line if you are a windstream customer you are not getting what you are paying for. Fpl used to be a good company. I have been a customer for around 29 years so far. When she ask for my phone number and related billing, i initially listed my wife as i thought this was how the account was listed.

    Since i cant afford the 15 fee to go western union, i have had to rely on snail mail. I have wasted hours trying to ask a 30 second question. You have caused me so much unnecessary stress and taken up so much of my time. Trying to speak to a live person to let them know that i will make another payment early next week so that my service wont be interrupted Buy Customer Service Report at a discount

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    Youll also want to include your fpl account number if the contact in about your account. You should have an accessible email address. I tried to get my deposit back and they have no clue where that is now. Why why truly is it? Something at each point of usage so that if there is an outage fpl knows within seconds or at least minutes? Please acknowledge. I had the surge protector installed shortly after that.

    I have been going round and round thru the voice system and cannot get to speak to a human or to access the information i need. I have been unemployed and just made a partial payment on my past due balance. I waited on hold for a rep and each time when they picked up the phone they could not hear my voice Buy Online Customer Service Report

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    Prior to 2014 i had budget bill, the program that fpl has to keep the amount of your bill consistent. Please confirm that fp&l is the owners of the electrical transformers and if the transformers are pcb or non-pcb containing. My pool is kept in terrific shape and its still blue right now, but will be losing its look as time goes on. My customer service experience has been about the same as all of you. I listened to about 10 minutes worth of choices that finally resulted in starting over.

    Everywhere around my home has power, including a soccer park which was opened and fully powered. There are customer care centers offering fpl customer service located throughout florida. I just spent the last hour on the phone in a loop for nothing Buy Customer Service Report Online at a discount

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    Thank you for service and if you will, i have window ac, how can i reduce the bill. I dont know how to get in touch with fpl by email, but i just wanted to say thank you to all the lineman (extra big thanks to the men from long island ny) for restoring our power so quickly after hurricane irma. Fpl need help to resolve communications problems. The coverage area for windstream covers 29 states and more than 3 million customers. Ive yet to receive a call back from a tech or customer service asking me it my problem was resolved or to just say go to hell their internet service works well during the day when most people are at work but at night when i use it it slows down to snail mail,which tells me their local headend doesnt have enough bandwidth to handle the load Customer Service Report For Sale

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    I just spent the last hour on the phone in a loop for nothing. Supplied all the requested data(automated), finally spoke with a rep. Now all of a sudden my budget bill got cancelled because of a past due balance from a previous account. For several years, you have shared personal information with me regarding one of your customers by the name of ralph britton. Eeryome in the immediate vicinity had power back in less than a day to 2 days.

    Fare is fare tired of getting pissed on as a customer hi i got a letter that said my automatic payment did not go through as you stated my account you really duped us about the gift card to allow bank draft for payment. I just want you to be aware that i am grateful and appreciative For Sale Customer Service Report

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    The fpl investigators commented that it was a hot and live wire. You cant get the right department on the phone and then they will drop your call so you can start over. You can send your email to windstream customer service is available on twitter windstream. It gave me a price of 38. I have 3 kids and there is no way i can pay the paat due amount right now.

    The dead bushes, one tree and earth boxes were in a cone pattern from a pole that had vines growing on it. I have been a florida native for 67 years, and my family goes back to the 1800s in so fla. I am on social security and have a part time job so i do not bring much home. Ill send it to the general mailing address in miami which i finally found on the fpl general website Sale Customer Service Report




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